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Listen Now: “Daddy’s Pocket Knife” – Colby T. Helms

21-year-old Appalachian phenom Colby T. Helms shares his latest single, “Daddy’s Pocket Knife.” The vulnerable track centers around Helms’ journey through grief and reconciliation.

Listen Now Daddy's Pocket Knife - Colby T. Helms

After the passing of his father at age 12, Helms searched everywhere for the pocket knife his father carried every day of his life, but was unable to find it. Years later, in a completely random moment, Helms happened upon it in the bottom of a drawer, right where his late father had intended him to find it, opening a flood of suppressed emotion in the process. Colby has said he lost himself when his father passed, but finding the rusty piece of steel renewed his sense of purpose and set him on the path to a life in music.

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